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Frequently Asked Questions:

Trust us you’re not the only person with that question

  • Do we allow dry camping?
    Yes we have generators and an extra waste tank that we can add on to your stay to make sure you have everything you need to be successful off the grid.
  • Do we allow trailers on the beach?
    No unfortunately due to the excessive damage that the sand has on the trailer we do not allow this.
  • Do we allow pets?
    Yes! We want the whole family to enjoy vacation although we ask they are not left in the camper alone. Also they are not allowed on furniture and beds.
  • Do we allow customers to pull the trailer themselves?
    Unfortunately due to insurance we do not allow customers to tow the trailers. We provide delivery and set up.
  • Do we provide towing and set up?
    Yes we do! Towing and set up is an extra $120 in the five cities area. If going beyond five cities towing will be according to distance.
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