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About Us


During Covid our family of five was presented with the opportunity to move to the coast. Although with everything being how it was finding housing was just not happening. So we made a huge leap of faith and moved in our 1998  Travel trailer. Through that time in the trailer together we  had some of the best experinces. We found adventure under the stars and in the world around us. We used it as an opportunity to check out every town from Morro Bay to Jalama Beach and everything in between. We went to places with no wifi and sat around and talked about life and really got to bond with our boys with no outside influences for days at a time.  Finally we found a home but constantly would talk about our life in the trailer. Thats when we decided to share this wonderful experience with others. We started with our 1998 Wilderness. Families came from all over to stay and make memories of their own. We quickly realized that more families needed to have the same adventures so we grew. We now offer three different trailers with different styles for the different needs and wants of families. 

We have strong beliefs that families need time to unplug and unwind and we want to be even a small part of that. As a prior Active Duty Service member I take alot of pride in this little team of ours and strive to keep Honor and Commitment at the forefront of our buisness. We are a family ran business, yes this means you might even see our twins setting up your trailer. You will always be in contact with myself (Claire) or Abraham. We believe that you staying with us makes you family and we go above and beyond for family. With Abrahams background in Safety we strive to create the safest, cleanest environment for you and your family. We take immense pride in our community and if we can not meet your needs we will do our best to lead you in the right direction. Whatever it is that you're looking for we want to help you find it.Let us be part of your next adventure and help you make memories that will last a lifetime. 

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